Matthew Bain has appeared in the following publications:

Financial Times - April 3, 2008
Buying online: Websites that deliver the customers, not the goods

“I just sold one watch to a retired baseball player in Japan for $120,000. He wired me the money before the watch had even arrived with him, because he trusts the site.”

Bloomberg - April 5, 2007
James Bond, Space Watches From Omega Up for Auction

“Hopefully, this auction will make the market aware that there are very good collectible Omega watches out there. For the vintage watches, they are a great investment.”

“I maybe have seen three of them in the past 15 years.”

“That's a great piece of history. That's going to go for huge money.”

“Usually you buy a watch at an auction and if it's broken, c'est la vie.”

Fashion Spectrum - May 1997
The Good Time Boys

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